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Sidharth Dhar Fabrics , with a factory in Anantnag, Kashmir, India and Head Office in New Delhi , India is in the Business of Manufacturing & Exporting Kashmir Hand Embroidered Furnishings namely Crewel & Chain Stitch products . A brief Write up on the Products We Manufacture is as follows

Brief details of Kashimir Hand Wool Embroidered Continuous Crewel Fabric being manufactured by Sidharth Dhar Fabrics

Definition of "Crewel Hand Needle Embroidery"

(i) Crewel Hand Needle Embroidery is a Stitch craft whereby Wool Embroidery is done by Hand with the help of a Needle on a variety of Base Cloth 

  The  Base Cloth generally used include :

- Heavy Linen Fabric with width ranging from 45 inches to 56 inches.

- 100% Mill / Powerloom Cotton Fabric ( Duck ) weaved out of cotton yarn size 16 and 8. The Width of the Finished  Fabric is 56 inches.

- 100% Hand Woven Cotton Fabric made out of yarn size 10 and 2 twisted yarns of size 20. The Width of the finished Fabric is  54 inches. This fabric is referred to as “Dusooti”.

- Light Weight 100% Silk Fabric, called as “Silk Organza”, with the width of the finished Fabric being 44 inches.

- Machine Woven Woolen Fabric referred locally in India as “Rafal”.

-  Velvet.

(ii) Wool generally employed for Crewel Hand Needle Embroidery is of   2 Ply ( Double Ply ) Yarn Grade .  This is a fine quality 2 fold wool twisted Yarn. In certain cases, if required by the Buyer, Crewel Embroidery is also done by a 1 Ply ( Single Ply ) Yarn Grade Wool.

(iii) The Hand Wool Embroidered Continuos Crewel Fabric, as it is generally called, is made in long Bolts with each Bolt normally running from 25 Yards to 50 Yards length, as per the requirement of the Buyer.

(iv) The Color of the Base Cloth can either be white or any other color, as per the requirement of the Buyer.

(v) Kindly note that any Embroidery Design, on any base cloth / any Thread colorway / any color of the Base Fabric, can be developed by us, as per  Specific requirement

Cost Of Hand Wool Embroidered Crewel Fabric

The Cost of this product depends on the Density of the Hand Embroidery done on the Base Fabric and the Type of Base Fabric used. Accordingly, the exact Cost can be confirmed by us once a Sample of the required Design on the Required Base Fabric is  developed .

Brief write up on hand embroidered wooled "Chainstitch Needle Point Products" manufactured by Sidharth Dhar Fabrics

- Definition of "Chainstitch Hand Embroidered Products"

Chainstitch Hand Embroidery, as the name suggest, is a type of Hand Embroidery, which is in form of Chains. This type of Embroidery is done by a needle all over the Base Cloth. After such type of an embroidery, the base      cloth is not visible. The material used for Hand Embroidery is either an Imported New Zealand Wool or Australian Wool of 2 ply yarn grade. Such type of hand embroidery is 100% cottageart.

- Types of Chainstitch Products Manufactured by us

      (a) Chainstitch Needlepoint Rugs with Designs .

      (b) Chainstitch Runners (  in continuous Form / Bolts )

      (c) Chainstitch  Continuous Fabric with Design for Upholstery

      (d) Chainstitch Continuous Fabric without Designs used for Upholstery

      (e) Chainstitch Cushion Covers

      (f) Chainstitch Wall Hangings .


Kindly note that, for all the products mentioned above, any Size, Design & Colourway can be developed and made by  us , as per your Specific Requirement.

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